Unique Hair Loss Solutions

Although hair loss is usually associated with men, growing number of women suffer from this condition. It is true that hair loss in women does not reach the stadium of a complete lack of hair as it does in men, but the fact that 20% of women during their lifetime have certain problems with hair loss is becoming a big issue. The most common form of hair loss is alopecia. This form of hair loss is hereditary and is caused by imbalance of sex hormones. It usually occurs during pregnancy, menopause and can be a result of another illness or extreme stress.

hair-lossMany women suffer in silence and are afraid to consult their dermatologist or hair care specialist. However, this is a serious illness and if treated on time, its progression can be reduced and minimized. The only permanent solution to hair loss is hair transplant. However, very small percentage of women are ideal candidates for this pricey option. And the ones that are, must carefully choose a hair loss clinic. There are many hair loss Sydney and hair loss Perth medical centers, but not all have top surgeons and hair loss specialists. To avoid additional stress and pain, many women choose natural remedies to slow the process of hair loss or use hair pieces to hide thinning scalp hair. Read on to learn few unique hair loss solutions that might just do wonders for you.

Diet – It might sound absurd, but what you eat affects health of your hair. Poor irregular diet can lead to poor nutrition and consequently to vitamin deficiency which can trigger hair loss. Therefore, undergo a hair analysis to find out if you have nutritional deficiency and choose a low-fat diet loaded with natural vitamins found in fresh fruits and vegetables. And remember, skipping meals or undereating is a big no-no.

Love Olives – Everybody is very much familiar with healing and health benefits of olives and olive oil. Many recommend applying warm olive oil to your scalp and gently massaging it into the roots before going to bed. Cover your hair and wash it in the morning. This procedure should be repeated 3 times a week.

Stay Healthy With Garlic – Even though many avoid garlic due to its powerful smell, it is in fact a health treasure for our body. Aside from being used in reducing cholesterol and as an antibiotic in fighting infection and bacteria, garlic is super good for hair loss. It slows hair loss process and thickens hair. For best results, grind some garlic and rub it onto your scalp. Try to repeat this every night.

Caffeine Is Good – Aside from being a mood booster, coffee can actually prevent and slow hair loss. Should you become a coffee addict then? Of course not. On the contrary, in this case caffeine should be entered topically through special caffeine shampoos. You can get these shampoos on-line or in better supplied hair loss Melbourne shop.

Regardless of whether you choose to go natural or will simply invest in a good quality human hair piece, remember to avoid stress, be fit and eat healthy in order to reduce extensive hair decline. In majority of cases, hair loss in women is a result of poor hair care. Therefore, avoid harsh shampoos, styling and dyeing products and tight braids and ponytails.

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