Unique Gifts For Kids

play centre equipment

Importance of kids play for their development is often underestimated by many parents who believe games and toys are both waste of time and money. However, what many do not know is that relaxed and fun play time affects both physical and mental development of a child, development of verbal, social and emotional skills, and has a positive impact on child’s health since often games are used in therapeutic purposes. But this does not mean that you should shower your kid with as many toys as possible. On the contrary, choose toys that will spark your child’s imagination; toys that will include you as a parent as well; toys that will urge your child to think and in a fun way learn about everyday life. Choose toys that are durable, educational and unique at the same time. Read on for few of our suggestions on unique gifts for kids.

Play Kitchens – Kitchen is probably one of the most-wanted and most popular toys among girls. They love to be just like their moms and use every opportunity to imitate them, thus love to play in kitchens. Then why not surprise your little cook with a unique kitchen. Browse on-line or visit toys stores and get one of fabulous kidkraft kitchens or even better, make one. Do not panic. There are many ways to easily make a small kitchen out of an old cabinet or small piece of furniture, like a small night table that’s just collecting dust up in your attic. You can even make a portable kitchen out of a cardboard box. Browse on-line for few DIY ideas that will inspire you to transform that old dresser into a unique kitchen for your princess.

Play Centres – Children love outdoors and all the fun activities they can engage in. Climbing, sliding, jumping and running is what they’re best at. An occasional scratched knee or a painful fall shouldn’t discourage you to spend time outside with your child. In fact, outdoors encourage and improve social, motor and reasoning skills. Therefore, visit local park more often or bring park to your back yard with play centre equipment. Your child will love jumping on a trampoline, sliding through tunnels and swinging on swings. These play centres are very durable and child proof so you can be at ease while watching your child having fun.

Make It Unique – A fun game does not require fancy and expensive toys or perfectly decorated kids’ room. There are many ways to surprise your child with DIY creative and unique gifts. You can make them out of things you already have in your home. Make a doll house or a pirate boat out of a cardboard box; make few no-sew dolls or soft balls; or simply paint old water bottles and have your a fun bowling game with your child. The best part about these DIY gifts is that you can make them together and not only have fun but also stimulate your child’s senses. Your child will enjoy spending time with you and will take better care of his/her new unique toy.

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