Succulents: A Unique Way to Greenify Your Indoor Space

If you’re just about to give up trying to beautify your indoor space with plants (due to many failed attempts), you may need to rethink it and give it a go with succulents. They don’t require much effort and can survive indoor conditions with minimal supervision. The health benefits they offer make them even more appealing.

Care Tips

First things first, you need to make sure that you choose types of succulent that can thrive in your indoor conditions. Most types require direct sunlight, but if you plan to keep them in a shaded area in your home, you should opt for low light-tolerant ones. And for those of you that are considering the opting of hanging them, get succulents that grow downwards. For the sun-lovers, it is recommended that they get at least 6 hours of sun per day.

The succulents Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane nurseries offer are usually kept planted in soil that is rich and moist. In light of that, you should provide the same conditions once you get your picks and it is time to repot them. You can use a fast draining cactus mix, or, if you prefer it, there is a DIY option as well. For that purpose you need to take a traditional potting soil with coarse perlite or crushed lava. A recipe that often works is to use one part amendment and four parts potting mix.

When it comes to watering, overdoing it is a common mistake. One recommendation that has proven to be quite useful is to water more, but less frequently. This is why they are convenient even for those of us who are bad at taking care of houseplants. Also, before watering, make sure that the potting mix is completely dry. And finally, you shouldn’t let water sit in the crown of the plant as it can cause rotting.

Health Benefits

All of the succulents Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne or Brisbane nurseries stock are great for improving the air quality in your home. They help reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen levels in the air. Furthermore, succulents help increase humidity levels and lower the level of air pollutants. Simply put, indoor kept succulents help you breathe better. A number of people have noticed that having indoor plants boosts their mood and improves their concentration. This is especially convenient for people that work from home. And if that wasn’t enough, there are types of succulents that have healing powers and help with cuts, burns and bruises.

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