Growing Vegetables in Self Watering Pots: Unique Advantage of Time, Ease and Comfort

I’ve always thought that people who live in buildings and people who live in houses with backyards don’t have the same access to certain things in life, like having their own garden with veggies and herbs for example. I mean, how can we claim that ‘organic’ is how we should all live our lives when we don’t have the same possibilities to actually do it? And please don’t even try to mention the organic food market, because there are so few left that actually believe in that sign. Point is: if you want to lead the organic lifestyle, you should be able to grow your own fruits and veggies.

Vegetables in Self Watering Pots

Thanks to today’s advanced technology and people who actually understand what organic means and how it’s done, everyone has the chance to be a gardener in the comfort of their own home. Introducing apartment gardening through self watering planters: easy, convenient and quite stylish to be honest.
Don’t freak out immediately; these planters aren’t rocket science and they definitely don’t look like a spaceship. On the contrary, they look almost like regular planters and some are even fancier, especially the latest designs, which is among the first reasons to buy self watering pots. The difference however, is in the self-watering mechanism these pots have, comprised of a water reservoir that holds the water, an indicator to show you just how much is left and when you need to refill and a capillary web that transfers the water to the soil. Yup, it’s that simple.

However, the best part is the fact that these planters look amazing and are pretty convenient for your kitchen or balcony, or if you want to grow flowers in them (which is totally possible, you just need to be careful about the flowers’ water needs), in your living room. You’ll have your herbs and veggies within close reach all while being completely assured that what you’re putting in your salad or dinner is completely organic. And all this without you having to run to the market, doubt for hours whether the sign ‘organic’ stands for genuine quality and spend precious time watering. Talk about convenience!

Now, apartment gardening isn’t exactly easy in the beginning, but once you settle all the important aspects, like the location of the pot, sunlight and what to grow in your pots, the only thing left is to buy self watering pots and start gardening. Sure you’ll need to take a few basic measures now and then to maintain the plants, but the bottom line is that you won’t have to do much all the time.

So if you weren’t much of a gardener till now, or you wanted to be one but simply didn’t have the space to start so, now you have the perfect opportunity not just to have your own small in-home garden, but also to turn to the organic way of life.

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