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Zooming in on the Features of Adjustable Standing Desks

Height adjustable workstations

If you are someone who spends most of their day bent over a desk, then you know all too well the problems sitting in the same position for hours can cause. Over 80% of office workers have at some point complained about having back problems and experiencing discomfort during work. Thankfully, with the introduction of […]

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Want a Unique Home Makeover? Do the Shopping for Furniture Online

Can you really blame yourself for being a style-seeker, wanting a home makeover more often than not, when having so many sources of inspiration around, in the form of TV shows, programmes, magazines, and blogs? Pulling together designer ideas and bringing a fresh vibe in your home has never been easier, even for the inexperienced, […]

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The Hans Wegner Chair: A Unique and Timeless Design


Chairs are fundamental pieces of furniture for every home. And as they are available in a plethora of designs, materials and colours, picking a good chair for a room is something many of us can struggle with. While just about any craftsman can build you a good enough chair, only Danish designer gets to earn […]

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The Unique Charm of a French Provincial Dining Room

French Provincial Dining Room

The French are people that have perfected the term “quality dining”. But the quality is not confined strictly to their mouth-watering dishes and sweet wine; it’s ingrained in the whole dining experience. From the furniture, to the surrounding spices and ornaments. The leisurely atmosphere is designed to make you want to savour delicious meals over […]

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Tallboy Furniture Lets You Divide and Conquer Storage and Style

Tallboy furniture

The great power of tallboy furniture is that besides acting as a storage solution, it can also serve as a great decorative element in a room. A beautiful piece of this type of furniture can be a colourful focal point in any room, so make sure you choose it wisely so that it serves its […]

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