We are All Unique: Life with Disability Can Still be Lived to the Fullest

Life is full of challenges, and though we may not always see it that way, it’s what makes it beautiful. People with disabilities have far too many challenges to overcome, so it’s not that easy to see the silver ligning. More so because this world of ours, the societies we live in, aren’t exactly created to be disability-friendly.
Luckily, there are people, like our famous motivational speaker, Nick Vujicic, dedicating their lives to show no matter how difficult, life still can be lived to the fullest. One of the first aspects to make life easier is maintaining independence as much as possible. Thankfully we live in the age of technology, that has its influence on inventions and products, so there is a wide range of choices when it comes to disability mobility aids.

Whether you could do with a wheelchair, mobility scooter, forearm walker, walking stick with base, or with chair, the options are many. Making for a more accessible environment helping with the suitable disability mobility aids doesn’t only benefit individuals but the entire community.


You could get a portable ramp as well, in case not every public space or building has one, further simplifying accessibility. This way you know you have a way to overcome the obstacles you may face.

The more independence you have, the less miserable you’d feel because having things done for you by other people, always depending on their help and willingness, is sure to take your happiness away, and bring about laziness at that. It’s also advisable to equip your home with more helpful aids, such as those for easy food prep, like electric choppers, remote-control operated lights, and a wireless home entry system.

Next, it’s important to accept your individuality, and uniqueness, and know you fit in the world just as you are. By loving yourself, embracing who you are, you can inspire others to do the same, be the example, and don’t close up to others. Instead, it’s advisable to surround yourself with people, socialise as much as you can, and make valuable friendships.

If you can, join up groups, volunteer to help others with the challenges similar to yours, and find what your best skill is to invest more in it. And, one last aspect, don’t forget to exercise! There’s always the right type of exercise, no matter your condition, so do a bit of search, seek the information, and you can find what best suits you to stay active.

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