Unique Ways To Make A Child Happy


Are children happy only when showered with bunch of toys and candy? Or, when you let them do whatever they want? Yes, they are, but that’s not enough. Ask yourself what really makes children happy and if you’re doing the right thing. Happiness is a very broad term and each child manifests it in a different way, but every parent should know how to put on a smile on his/her child without reaching for his/her wallet and buying everything a child points his/her little finger at. Here are some unique ways to make your child happy without spoiling him/her.

Acknowledge Your Child – Children like to receive recognition for every completed project regardless of whether it is a castle made out of blocks or a certain skill they just mastered. They want you to
see what they’ve created, thus always take the time to praise their efforts. This will not only make them feel loved and happy, but will also have a positive impact on strengthening their confidence. Always show your support. And reward their success with kind words and lots of kisses and hugs. Of course, you can occasionally reward them by shopping together for new toys for boys or girls.

Teach Them Something New – There isn’t a single child that isn’t curious. They love to explore and learn about new things. Therefore, teach them something new each day. Show them a new game or read a new story; introduce a new sport or put on a little theatrical show of his/her favorite story. Or simply play house or pirates in your back yard in a cubby house. Children love to imitate grownups thus teach them good manners or a new skill through fun play. And cubby houses are perfect for exploring new stuff. Browse on-line for cubby house Australia and surprise your child with one.

Kiss, Hug, Cuddle – Children love to be kissed and hugged. It is how they perceive love and affection. Therefore, reward your child’s effort with a kiss; begin and end his/her day with a kiss and hug. It’s medically proven that children who are being kissed and hugged often are more intelligent than those who are deprived of this kind of love. And use every opportunity to cuddle. Cuddling strengthens parent-child bond and evokes feeling of happiness and above all a sense of security.

Laugh Out Loud – Laughter is a natural medicine for overall mind and body health. It stimulates blood circulation, protects heart, boosts immune system, decreases stress, stimulates the secretion of endorphins, and relaxes the whole body. And even more importantly, laughter keeps family together. Thus laugh out loud with your child.

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