Unique prom hairstyle

unique hair styles

Is it hard for you to choose the perfect prom hairstyle? Probably, because you, as most of your peers, want to look flawless and most glamorous on this important night. The best way would be to consider your face shape. Of course, your dress, jewelry and style preference will have a great impact on your decision. But note, same hairstyle does not look same on two different individuals.

Maybe we can not help you choose your prom dress nor proper accessories, but we can share with you few little secret on how to choose a unique prom hairstyle that best suits your face shape.

Oval face

You are a lucky girl! Every woman longs for this face shape as it’s characterized by clean, straight and proportional lines. Women with this face shape can rock any hairstyle – a free style with hair extensions, straight, curly, styled on one side or raised in a ponytail or a bun. The only thing you should avoid are bangs, not because they will not suit you, but because it will take away your charm. You have a nice face so do not hide it under tons of hair!

Round face

The round face is generally characterized by chubby cheeks, with width and length in the same proportions and no angles. To make your round face look longer use the following tricks: add volume in the roots (at the top of the head), the long or medium long straight hair thrown over the drizzle takes all the fluffiness of the face. Avoid volume in the ears area because it will make your face enormous.

Triangular face

This face shape is also known as heart-shaped face and is divided into two categories: a normal and inverted heart. Cores individuals are characterized by a wide forehead in the temple and narrow chin. For women with this face shape best option is medium long hair just above shoulders without added volume at the roots but with curls at the ends. You should avoid voluminous long hairstyles with or without hair extensions because they will only emphasize the shape of your face.

Square face

The square face is usually associated with coarse features. The perfect hairstyle for women with this face shape is long hair with light curls – waves. If you do not have long hair, the human hair extensions are the perfect solution for soft long wavy look. This kind of hairstyle will soften your face shape and accent your femininity. You can add bangs on one side, but avoid thick, flat bangs because they will highlight the straight lines of your face.

If you cannot decide which hairstyle is best for you, visit your hair salon Melbourne and have stylist recommend few hairstyle that will work best for your face shape. Whichever it is, do not follow fashion trends blindly and choose a hairstyle that will accent all your beautiful face features and enhance your natural beauty.

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