Remote Dog Training Collars – A Unique Way to Get Your Dog to Behave

Having a dog as a companion can be a great joy, but training one to behave properly can be quite tough. Although there are many collars and leashes that can come in handy, one of the most efficient ways to train your dog is to use an e collar.

What is an E Collar

An electronic collar (or also known as remote collar) comes with two components: a handheld remote transmitter that sends electronic stimulation and a collar that receives those signals. The receiver then delivers the stimuli you’ve chosen via a set of contact points set on the collar onto the dog’s neck. You can adjust the transmitter to send different types of stimuli, like a warning tone, vibration or shock to which the dog will react as it would to a command.

Proper Usage

These collars can be used to modify stubborn and unwanted types of behaviour in dogs. The goal is to make the dog think that the negative behaviour you are trying to stop is what causes the shock, not the collar itself. For instance, if your dog digs holes in the backyard whenever you let it outside, you’ll need to activate the transmitter without the dog seeing you because you don’t want it to know that you are the one causing the unpleasant sensation around its neck when it starts digging.

Another unpleasant situation, especially with bigger dogs, is when they get too excited and start jumping on other people. To start the training process it’s best to have a friend as an assistant. As your helper approaches, give the sit command and begin tapping on the button (don’t hold it for too long). Do this a few times during each session, and do a couple of sessions every day. If the dog is still not responsive, raise the intensity by one level.

As you may have already concluded, it is pivotal to take some time to properly train the dog and only then put an e collar into regular use as a way to reinforce the commands that the dog already knows. To use another example, say you are out and the dog already knows what the word “come” means. If it is not paying attention, you can pull the check cord as a way to reinforce that command and let him know that he must obey every time.

Lastly, you also need to find your dog’s sensation level, since the remote control comes with different stimulation levels that you can adjust. The best way to go about this is to rely on the help of a trainer or veterinary behaviourist and only then purchase one.

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