Lithium Batteries: A Unique Choice Becoming More Common by the Hour

Lithium batteries are literary everywhere. Portable technology has turned them into a must, because they are durable, dependable and long-lasting. Not only that, but pound for pound, they are the most efficient rechargeable batteries on the market. Recently, there were even news pondering on the usage on reliable batteries. The reason why is because Samsung created a product that was not ready, the power consumption and power stability of which were not tested properly.

The main reason why lithium batteries Australia most used battery type is because they offer lots of advantages over other competing technologies. First of all, they are lighter compared to other batteries of the same size because the electrodes of the lithium-ion batteries are made from lightweight materials such as carbon and lithium. This means that these batteries have high energy density which makes for great amount of energy can be stored inside the atomic links.


It’s also important to mention that a lithium battery has 150 watt-hours per kilogram, where a lead-acid battery can only have 25 watt-hours, which is a huge difference that persuades a lot of people into investing into lithium battery purchase. The most common lithium batteries Australia stores offer are more than 150-watt hours per kilogram which makes it a great deal when you compare it kilogram to dollar ratio.

Another thing that make lithium batteries great is their charge. They only lose around 5% of their charge per month. They are the ultimate winner in this category when compared with other batteries that lose around 20 percent of the charge per month. Also, they have no memory effect, meaning that there is no need of full discharging before recharging. They can manage thousands of charge and discharge cycles.

Now a little bit about the downside of these batteries, although the list is almost empty. For instance, even though they start degrading immediately after the production process, they last two to three times more than any other battery. However, a common problem with lithium batteries is sensitivity to high temperatures.

Finally, due to the many benefits that surpass other choices, investing in lithium batteries is an efficient and affordable way to make your electronics function at their best. There are many types of lithium batteries that Australia retailers offer. Whether you visit their website or go directly to a physical store, you are sure to find a wide range of lithium batteries that suit your needs.

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