How Flashlights Work: Different Types and How to Choose One

Advances in lighting and battery technology have made torchlights valuable and versatile tools that provide a wide range of benefits in an even wider range of situations. While most of them still work on a more than a hundred years old concept, the torches of today are far more capable even than those that came just a decade or two before them thanks to innovations such as LEDs and lithium-ion batteries. While flashlights once worked similarly to a CFL bulb, today’s LED torches are somewhat different. Available in many shapes and forms, today’s flash lights are made by a huge range of manufacturers and they come in a wide range of versions.

Flashlight tactical torch

Types of Torches


Utility torches are what everyone thinks of when you say the word torch. They do not offer a lot of illumination and high-tech features, but they still get the job done in everyday situations. Any LED torch shop Australia wide has them, and you can also find them in convenience stores, service stations, and even online since utility torches are the most commonly used torches nowadays. They are affordable and ideal for those who want a flashlight for occasional use rather than to use it every day.


If you want a daily driver of a flashlight, then you should consider getting an EDC (everyday carry) LED flashlight. An everyday carry flashlight should have all the meaningful properties and features you need to get through the day with it. An EDC flashlight doesn’t have a particular look or function, and it’s best suited for your needs so it can look and feel like a utility light but function much like a tactical one. Basically, EDC flashlights can be considered as the in-between type of utility and tactical flashlights

Everyday Carry Flashlights


Tactical torches are the most advanced flash lights you can get. They the biggest, brightest torches out of all types, but they’re also the most expensive. However, if you want to illuminate across great distances, and do so with bright illumination, utility and EDC torches won’t cut it. Like utility torches, tactical ones can also be found in any LED torch shop Australia wide. Unlike EDC torches which are used for everyday situations, tactical torches are generally used in more extreme situations, such as hunting, search & rescue missions, as well as in law enforcement.

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Important Torch Features


One of the most sought-after features a flashlight can have is adjustable lighting modes. This feature allows you to choose between different lighting levels which allow the torch to run for a certain amount of time while being able to illuminate with a certain lighting output. This helps make a torch more versatile since each mode is made to be used in a particular setting. Some torches feature specialised modes, such as tactical, strobe or power-saving modes. Each of these modes has different lighting levels and features tuned for the activity you’re performing.

Tactical torches

Smart Features

Torches can be equipped with a wide range of features nowadays, but some of the more important ones are what are known as smart features, one of which is memory select or intelligent memory. This feature allows you to save the last used mode on your torch so when you turn it on again it is set to that mode so you won’t have to search for it. You should also consider auto turn-on and turn-off, as well as light output adjustability. The former turns off the light when you flash it against someone and the latter adjusts the light output according to the lighting conditions around you.


The number of lumens a flashlight comes with will determine the brightness of your torch and the more you have, the brighter it will be. However, more lumens isn’t necessarily always a good thing. The more lumens a torch can output the more powerful battery it needs. A bigger battery makes the torch bigger, making it more inconvenient to carry for longer time periods, as it can strain your arms. Go for a torch that provides just enough lumens for your needs without sacrificing portability and battery capacity.


What Is the Best Lumens for Flashlight?

The optimal lumen count that a utility and everyday torch should have is between 150 and 500, whereas a tactical torch should have between 3,000 and 4,000 to allow you to illuminate anywhere from 270 to 360 meters away.

What’s the Highest Lumen Flashlight?

The flashlight with the highest lumen count to date is the Imalent M18 which has an output of 100,000 lumens. This is also a hefty torch both in weight and price.


Can a Flashlight Damage Your Eyes?

A tactical flashlight might cause temporary blindness and disorientation when you point its bright light at someone, but it won’t cause any permanent damage. However, that won’t be the case if you flash your torch repeatedly at someone’s eyes.

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