How Do I Use Essential Oils Safely to Boost Emotional and Physical Wellness?

Essential oils have certainly been getting more and more popular over the last few years as growing number of people are looking for natural and safer ways to do things in their everyday life. They have many uses from aromatherapy, skin care and medical uses but it’s important that you know how to use them safely. Yes, they are natural but they can be bad for you if not used right which is why today I’ll explain all the different ways I’ve used them over the years.

Aromatherapy massage


Essential oils have been used throughout history in the kitchen or as a dietary supplement to promote good health. We use ingredients to this day that contain essential oil compounds like cinnamon, peppermint, basil and so on. There are a few health benefits that you can receive from using essential oils in your food or drink as well as getting a nice flavour. The composition of essential oils is actually quite complex and each biochemical property reacts differently with each part of our body. Of course, you should already know which essential oils are safe to consume and should always follow the labelled instructions. Some effective methods to internally apply essential oils include using the oils in recipes, cooking or baking to replace a dried or fresh herb. Essential oils are much stronger than fresh or dried herbs so you may only need the smallest amount. Start with a toothpick and dip the end into the oil then into your recipe. If it’s not strong enough you can very slowly add more until you get the flavour you are looking for. The same method can be used to add essential oils to your water, smoothies or tea.


This is a very popular method because it absorbs straight into the skin and relieves you in the area you need it to straight away. While they are absorbed pretty quickly, there are ways to make this go faster. Massage will increase blood flow which will also distribute them faster throughout the body. You will need to dilute them with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. I find that it’s always better to use small amounts throughout the day instead of a lot at once. Some really beneficial areas that you can apply essential oils include the arms, legs, feet, neck, chest, abdomen, forehead and temples. If you don’t feel like getting a little oily then you can add a few drops to a nice, warm bath, or you could also make a compress by soaking a towel in water to which you have added the essential oils or add a few drops to your moisturiser.

The key is knowing which essential oil to use for which ailment to reap the most benefits of these powerful therapeutic compounds. Hence, although they are widely available and you can easily buy essential oils Australia wide (both in stores and online), educate yourself on their uses and applications. For example, lavender oil is often recommended for improving sleep but it’s also great for healing chapped lips and minimising the appearance of wrinkles. Chamomile oil offers immediate relaxation and is also good for soothing a sunburn. As you can see, different oils offer different therapeutic befits, hence know what you’re buying.


Our sense of smell is actually very powerful and has the ability to effect our emotions, mental health, and physiologic health. Our smell receptors are directly linked to the limbic system which is the part of the brain that controls out behaviour, memory and emotions which is why smelling essential oils has an effect on us. But as I’ve said earlier, not each oil is the same and different oils have different effects on all of us meaning that some make us calm, some can energise us and so on. You should choose the oil based on what effect you want it to have over you. There are plenty ways to get get the aromatic benefits from essential oils include applying it to a cotton ball and placing it in the air vents, dilute oil with water and spray it over your linens, carpet or furniture or add it to your laundry. Or you could simply cup the bottle in your hands and inhale if you really wanted to.

Since you can easily buy essential oils Australia wide, why not try them today to see what effect they have on you.

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