Double Burner – The Unique Characteristics Of Gas Cooktops

When the electricity bill comes to your door, my guess is, the thing you desire the most is to be Nikola Tesla even if just for a moment and to be able to invent a new way to supply the world with electricity that will be a lot cheaper, maybe even free! If you have a big family (of 4 or larger), I’m sure the kitchen electricity costs are higher than those from your entire household. Feeding four mouths at least twice a day (not including snacks) can be hard, especially if you have a baby, it becomes a whole different story.


Bottom line, electricity is expensive. Luckily for big families, as a major improvement in fuel technology, gas is now available as a lot cheaper option and if I may add, it is a lot easier to work with. Gas cooktops are the much needed revolution in cooking, they are faster, cheaper, and easier to control.

Let’s start with something simple, so that it is easier for you to understand and accept cooking on gas cooktops. A double burner gas cooktop is small enough to fit in any kitchen and will satisfy your basic needs such as heating and making hot drinks like coffee, cocoa, tea or heating milk. A larger burner on the other hand, is ideal for cooking soups, preparing easy breakfasts and meals.

Why is a double burner gas cooktop a good choice?

  • For starters, gas is very easy to work with; it heats up very fast, and it cools down as soon as you turn off the knob. So, cooking on a double burner gas cooktop will give you a record response time in cooking. You will be so in love with a gas cooktop that you will never want to cook on anything else ever, especially if you have to cook for more than 2 people.
  • Besides the easy temperature control, double burner gas cooktops are a lot easier to clean than other cooking devices. There are only two burners and all you need to do is take the steel grate off and clean the surface with a special cleaner.
  • And the most important thing, the cost. Even if the initial price of the double burner gas cooktop is slightly higher than the electric one, the savings you will make on the electricity will compensate the difference big time.

So, is there still a reason why you would not try to cook on a double burner gas cooktop? If yes, just think of all the money you will save on electricity and translate them in an awesome trip to the beach, a nice handbag, shoes or whatever it is you so desire. Is that a smile I see on your face?!

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