Camping and Caravan Accessories for a Unique Camping Experience


One can’t speak of Australia without mentioning camping. Camping is simply ingrained in our culture because, as Bill Garner, an author, historian and camper, describes in his thesis Born in a Tent: How Camping Makes Us Australian, the country itself was established by starting out as a campsite. This kind of lifestyle has helped settlers connect with their new surroundings and feel at one with nature, a bond that exists to this day. People of all sorts of social classes inhabited campsites. This is why camping is basically part of every Aussie nowadays, and, if there’s one who understands camping well it’s got to be an Aussie.

Sure, the purpose of the whole experience is to spend some time hanging out with nature and bonding with family, but what every experienced camper knows is the secret isn’t just in choosing the ideal tent or caravan but also in picking the necessary camping and caravan accessories that would make for a comfortable stay in the great outdoors and really turn your motorhome into a home away from home. It’s so much more than finding the right sleeping bag or mattress. Since nowadays we’re all more or less attached to our electronics and feel the need to stay in touch with the world through social networks and the media, one can see why the increase of the number of glampers, those who prefer camping while still having the simplest luxuries at their disposal.


We might as well say a generator, solar panel, or a well charged leisure battery are an essential part of the camping and caravan accessories of modern campers, so there’s always sufficient amount of electrical energy to supply electronics and appliances with and keep them running. Getting rechargeable batteries doesn’t hurt either, a better option than disposable ones thanks to their durability. Usually, food is one of the concerns of campers who have to stick with choices that can last up to days without getting stale or bacteria breeding ground, but when you equip yourself with a portable cooler and cooler light, you can be sure your food and drinks are fully protected and in perfect edible shape for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and secret midnight snacks.

There’s nothing like a cup of coffee or a fresh smoothie to start the day fully energised and they are no longer sweet pleasures you get to miss on when out camping thanks to the choice of coffee pots and blenders. Of course, coffee and smoothie go well with tasty pancakes and marshmallows, but to ensure you start up the fire right away and avoid letting your stomach growl with hunger for more than you could bear, a fire starter should be part of your camping kit. Happy campers and glampers know and choose their accessories well so they get a unique camping experience every time they take to the road.

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