Unique Grader Attachments

Graders are machines used for various projects in different industry sectors. These machines give the final touch to a particular surface. Most commonly, the graders are used for construction and maintenance of gravel and dirt roads. In construction projects, the graders prepare the base course so that a flat and firm surface can be created. When equipped with a wide range of grader attachments, the graders can be used for a variety of applications. Today, the grader manufacturers design and produce not only powerful graders but also a wide range of grader attachments. The most popular manufacturers of grader attachments are the following ones:

Craig: Series III Windrow Eliminator – Started as a small machine repair shop, Craig has managed to become one of the most reliable manufacturers of graders and grader attachments. One of its best grader attachments is the Series III Windrow Eliminator, a lightweight attachment suitable for a variety of grading projects. With a replaceable and reversible steel cutting edge, this grader attachment eliminates the need for double grade, saving operator’s efforts and time. Also, it features an integrated swing frame and a radial lift system.

Unique Grader Attachments

Grouser: Belly Blade – Grouser is also one of the leaders on the market for grader attachments. This manufacturer is best known for its Belly Blade. The Belly Blade attachment is suitable for six different operations: raising, lowering, tilting, pitching, angling and side shifting. It features a quick attach system which is well-protected with a heavy-duty frame and reinforced blade. The main characteristics of this grader attachment are: great accuracy, time saving, cost efficient operation, ease of operation and labor saving.

Roadrunner: Grading Blade – Roadrunner is a very popular manufacturer of grader attachments. The best product from Roadrunner is the grading blade. It can be attached to a grader via 3-point hitch or by universal mounting plate. The serrated cutting edge is capable to penetrate and to crumble a variety of materials, and it is highly resistant to damages due to its high-quality structure. This grader attachment is suitable for grading gravel, slopes on embankments, spreading materials, compacting roads, raising/lowering roadway shoulders and finishing athletic fields.

Handy Hitch MFG: Grader Pro – Handy Hitch MFG is a well-known company that offers equipment and attachments for road construction and maintenance. Its Grader Pro attachment is one of the most useful grader attachments that can be found on the market. It features a rotor consisted of a heavy wall tube and a heavy-duty poly chain drive, making it suitable for the most difficult grading applications.

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