Unique Features Of Crushing And Screening Plants

The crushing and screening operations are part of most construction projects. There is specially designed crushing and screening equipment that is used for crushing rocks, garbage and waste of building materials. The most commonly used equipment for such operations in the mining or construction industry sector is the crushing and screening plant.


A wide range of construction projects are performed with ease thanks to the crushing and screening plant. It can be used for either large construction projects such as: building roads, bridges and railways, or smaller projects such as building residential or business buildings.

A crushing and screening plant is in fact a massive machine that is composed of several parts. This means that a jaw crusher, conveyor, impact crusher and cone crusher are combined into one big machine that has the power to perform a variety of crushing and screening operations at once. A typical crushing and screening plant includes the following parts:

  • magnetic separator;
  • intake hopper;
  • vibrating screen;
  • vibration feeder;
  • electronic control system;
  • pre-screener;
  • belt.

The unique features that makes the crushing and screening plant so popular machine are the following ones:

  • Capability to perform various operations. This massive machine is capable to perform different operations at the same time. From pre-sizing to final screening, the crushing and screening plant does it all.
  • Capability to crush and screen even the biggest and hardest rocks. Regardless of the application and type of material that needs to be crushed, this machine offers high level of efficiency and productivity on the construction job site.
  • Easy and fast transportation of large materials from one location to another. The machine can be transported on the roads with no assistance of other transporting vehicles. Unlike the smaller separate crushers and screening machines, the crushing and screening plant doesn’t require tractor or other heavy-duty vehicle for transportation.
  • Cost-efficient operation. Probably the biggest advantage of the crushing and screening plant is that this machine promises low operating costs since it can perform multiple operations at the same time.

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