Unique Tips On How To Install Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring In Your Bathroom

Lay Vinyl Flooring In Your Bathroom

Tired of constantly cleaning your bathroom floor which still looks as if you didn’t clean it at all? If you want a durable, stylish, yet easy-to-maintain floors, then loose lay vinyl flooring is the right solution for you. All it takes to maintain a bathroom vinyl flooring is a mop and a soapy water. What makes the loose lay vinyl flooring so special, is the fact that it is installed without adhesive, meaning that it’s not glued down so you can easily remove it once you decide to re-decorate your bathroom. You will save yourself time cleaning thanks to the cost-effective and easy to maintain bathroom vinyl flooring. You will only need an hour or two to install the loose lay vinyl flooring since there is no gluing, but to make sure you properly install the vinyl flooring for bathrooms, follow our unique tips below.

  • The first thing you need to do before installing the loose lay vinyl flooring, is to set the temperature around 18 º C or higher. Make sure you keep the temperature at this level for 48 hours while you properly prepare the bathroom vinyl flooring.
  • The next thing you need to do is pull out the toilet and the pedestal sink and place them in the bathtub so you can install the loose lay vinyl flooring properly. Make sure you have turned off all the pipes so the water cannot come into the room while you are working.
  • Before you actually start installing the bathroom vinyl flooring, take out the old carpeting and sand the adhesive from previous installations. Then sweep the floor and clean the debris that has accumulated over time, so you can perfectly fit the loose lay vinyl flooring.
  • The base needs to be flat, so if there are any gaps that need to be filled, make a wood filler if you have a wooden floor, or self leveling compound if it is concrete. Once you are done, leave it for 24 hours and then continue with the work.
  • Cover the floor with sheets and then sand over rough areas to make sure the floor is flat and ready for installing the bathroom vinyl flooring.
  • You can now roll the loose lay vinyl flooring across the room, and leave it to sit for six hours on adjusted temperature. Then measure the length and the width of the bathroom and leave at least 7 centimeters on each side, so you can draw lines around the vinyl and determine the size you want.
  • Cut vinyl tiles to fit under the moldings, at the side of the doorways and then nail down the threshold to conceal the edges. Now you can safely return all bathroom accessories.


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