Unique Open Kitchen Concept: The Benefits of Multi-Purpose Breakfast Bar

We have to admit plenty has changed in this modern world of ours, and while it means there have been changes for the better along the way, this can’t be said for all of them. One of the not so good changes is in the way having our meals has shifted, from something enjoyable to something in a hurry, due to the busy daily schedules.

Even when we have the time to enjoy some slow lunch or dinner, many of us prefer to do so in front of the TVs so as not to miss a show, for instance. However, when you make the meal area stylish and refreshing you sure wouldn’t be able to resist eating there.

Think of it this way, you can create a breakfast bar with an open kitchen concept so you don’t even need that much space, all you require is an island paired with modern breakfast bar stools, that are perfect for entertaining too as they can be pushed aside when you want to free up space.

Moreover they are as versatile as can be, available in a variety of styles, materials (e.g. solid ash, leather), and colours, so you’re sure to find the modern breakfast bar stools that would be the perfect addition to your open kitchen in any interior style it may be. If you have a more compact home, you can even skip the addition of an island, using shelves installed on a wall.

Not only is the breakfast bar the ideal spot for lovely family breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s also the right spot where you can entertain guests, staying in their company as you cook. You get bonus points if you try out your mixology skills there too.

This means the kitchen would literally turn into the social hub of your home, and at the same time it also opens up the possibility to use it for work as well, given the comfort of the countertop and stools, so it’s not an exaggeration to say you can turn it into a multi-purpose area; the perfect area to start and end the day.

Sleek stainless steel features, along with lighting fixtures have their say in the décor of the area just as much as the furniture pieces, so you wouldn’t have that much of a difficulty to carry on with this project, and get the vibrant yet cosy breakfast bar area.

With a kitchen like that, you’d no longer be able to avoid spending time there, since you’d get to enjoy preparing and eating savoury meals, while bonding with family and friends.

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