The Importance of a Snorkeling Mask for Unique & Care-Free Experience

Living by the beach doesn’t mean you know a thing about the waters that surround you, at least not until you immerse yourself in the deep greenish blue and befriend all its hues. This of course, cannot be done without proper equipment – a snorkeling mask, to be more precise.

Because what’s the purpose of going underwater if you don’t witness all the strange beauty the ocean has to offer. If you’re one of those brave people who can open their eyes when underwater, good for you, but even in that case, you really can’t last more than a minute without proper equipment. That is why taking a snorkeling mask with you when going diving is a must.


The snorkeling mask creates space filled with air in front of your eyes and it enables them to focus and see clearly underwater. With a proper, comfortable, silicon mask you can conquer the sea world in no time, no matter if you’re 7 or 77. Some masks include a nose pocket that equalizes the air pressure as you go deeper. The ones that don’t are designed normally for children or for people who don’t want to stay too long underwater. If, however, you like snorkeling beyond the level of basic curiosity, you should opt for professional scuba diving snorkeling masks. Now it’s true they are a bit pricier, but you’ll be able to take a peek into the ocean’s secrets and trust me, it would feel like watching an Animal Planet’s documentary in full HD.

The most important thing to look for in a mask is to make sure it fits your face, but since most of the masks today can be adjusted depending on the size and the shape of your head, finding the right match size wise is not an issue. When it comes to the internal volume of the mask, make sure it’s low. This means that the silicone which separates your face from the mask should not be especially big because a lower volume mask can provide better vision.

Snorkeling masks are available in either black or transparent silicone, the final choice however comes down to individual preference. Transparent silicone allows more light and some people feel more comfortable like that. Although this doesn’t mean you can see through the silicone, the sense of more brightness makes transparent silicone more appealing to some people. Black silicone on the other hand provides better focus on what’s in front of you by “blocking” the extra light from the outside.

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