Return To The Hiding Place: Unique True Story Of Courage And Faith

Return To The Hiding Place is one of the most inspiring Christian movies. The story of faith and courage is about a group of inexperienced and untrained teenagers who start a quest of saving their Jewish neighbors from the Hitler invasion. This true story, based on Boom Corrie Ten’s life, has won the movie an Award of Excellence on Accolade Competition, the Audience Choice Award on San Antonio Independence Christian Film Festival and many others.


The main character in this movie is Boom Corrie Ten, born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, who along with her friends, helps Jews escape from the Nazi regime, but things do not go as planned. Corrie and her family were the leaders in the Dutch Underground, and hid Jewish people in their home in a specially-built room to help them escape from the Hitler regime. They succeeded to hide many refugees in the Underground, but soon the Nazis find out about them and put all but Corrie, in a concentration camp. In attempt to help other people escape the terrible destiny from the Nazis, Corrie gets arrested and spends the last year of the World War II in several prison camps.

One of the main refugees in Return To The Hiding Place is Hans Pooley, a 18-year-old Dutch student and resistance journalist who spends months hiding at Corrie’s home where he finds an inner peace and freedom that simply defies the Nazi peril. Determined Hans puts his own life in danger many times, all to help poor Jews. Hans and his friends enter a deadly labyrinth of challenges to rescue people of God from the numerous Nazis threats.

The movie Return To The Hiding Place is really amazing and filled with emotions. It climaxes in a breathtaking rescue of a big group of Jewish children about to be killed by Hitler’s assassins. The audience will experience a mix of various emotions at once. The producers have captured the horror of the Holocaust and remarkably portrayed the sad faith of the Jewish people locked in concentration camps.

After the World War II, Boom Corrie Ten was invited to share her experience in many countries all over the world. She was also honored by the state of Israel for her contribution towards Jews during the WWII. She has always believed that the best place to hide is God and that only He can save Jewish people from death.

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