Poppers & Weed: a Unique Perspective on Party & Recreational Drugs


We live in a world of hypocrisy, where things that kill you are legal, while the harmless, fun things are kept illegal for the profit of a handful individuals who have decided they’d build their fortune on the misfortune and misinformation of others. Take some drugs like weed and poppers for example. There haven’t been any recorded deaths by them ever, period. While on the other hand, alcohol and tobacco kill millions of people every year.

I won’t talk much about weed in this article, as it’s pretty straightforward – it’s a herb that can be grown everywhere and can be used as a pain killer. However, the opiate, alcohol and tobacco industries are simply too big and powerful and they pour millions, if not billions, of dollars into propaganda, fake advertising and “research” and claims from paid off “scientists”.

Poppers are suffering the same way. Poppers juice was made of only one chemical – amyl nitrite, a substance used to lower blood pressure and cure cyanide poisoning in the fifties before more modern medicines were discovered and developed. They got their name from the sound the bottle made when it was opened. It’s a safe substance with some mild side-effects, but so is alcohol, right? You get a hangover from both, except alcohol makes you wanna puke and not eat anything the next day, while poppers don’t.

When gay people found out about the “unwanted side effects” of poppers which included a short-term high, muscle relaxation and dizziness, they became the main drug on the gay club scene. Nevertheless, due to the hate towards the gay community, amyl nitrites were made illegal. Do you see a pattern here? Everything that’s harmless, cheap and fun is made illegal so that people can keep killing themselves with tobacco and alcohol. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to notice this.

However, lately poppers juice has made a comeback and it is becoming popular among straight people as well. Just like most things, it takes too long for people to wake up from the matrix and notice that they’ve being manipulated and fed false information. However, as amyl nitrite is banned in most countries around the world, a lot of manufacturers are now selling products that don’t contain the original formula with amyl nitrite, but rather more dangerous and harmful substances.

My only advice is, do whatever the hell you want, don’t listen to anyone, decide whether something is bad or good by yourself. Just make sure you’re ordering from a legitimate supplier for your own safety, as there are many fake ones out there. Legitimate manufacturers make poppers out of pure isobutyl, which is the ingredient closest to amyl nitrite and they put a little plastic bead below the bottle, so that it absorbs contaminants and prolongs the life of the poppers. Store them at low temperatures, slightly above 0° Celsius, like in your fridge for instance.

I’ve personally used poppers together with shrooms, weed and alcohol in various different combinations. I’ve heard that they can be fun to use with MDMA, I’ve just never had the chance to do so. All things aside, I love poppers, they make clubbing way more fun and sex much more intense.

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