Embark on a Unique Underwater Adventure: Items of Scuba Gear That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

diving bootsSummer has ended, but that doesn’t mean fun should too. Passionate scuba divers know that they can feast their eyes on the mesmerizing beauty of the underwater worlds even during the chilly autumn and winter months.

Yes, fall and winter diving can be every bit as exciting as summer diving. However, in order to be able to fully enjoy this unique adventure, divers need to make sure their regulator is cold water safe and their scuba gear includes diving boots, gloves, and at least one hood. Read on to find out why these items of scuba diving equipment are indispensable for cold-water divers and how to pick the right ones for you.

Diving Boots

Dive boots are worn in open heel fins to prevent blisters and keep the diver’s feet warm. When looking for diving boots, you should opt for a pair that provides you with the much needed warmth and comfort and is made to last for a long period of time.

Most dive boots offered on the market are made out of neoprene. They trap the water that enters the boots and retain the diver’s body heat, which is how the water within the boots warms up. This isn’t the case with dry-suit boots. These dive boots don’t allow the water to come into contact with the diver’s skin. If you decide to go with neoprene dive boots, you should pay attention to their thickness. 5 mm boots are among the most popular ones, as they can be worn both in winter and in summer.

A pair of dive boots should also offer comfort. Every scuba diver should wear boots that fit their feet perfectly. If your boots are loose, water won’t get trapped between your boots and your feet, whereas if your boots are too small, they can cause numbness in your toes.

When it comes to the boots’ durability, a diver should purchase boots that are made to stand up to the type of diving they plan to do. For example, if your diving adventures include walking across rough surfaces, you need boots with tougher soles. Don’t overlook this feature, as it can make a huge difference.


Dive gloves are another important item of scuba gear. They are worn for warmth, sun protection, and of course touching. When searching for the perfect dive gloves for you, you should choose a pair that’s made from neoprene (neoprene gloves provide warmth by trapping water and your body heat), fits your hands snugly, and offer you with the much needed dexterity (five-fingered gloves are the best choice).


Every cold-water scuba diver should own and use a thick neoprene hood because about 60% of their body heat escapes through their head. A hood that covers the diver’s head and neck is ideal for diving in cold water.

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