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Trade Motor Insurance: Protect Your Unique and Valuable Motor Trade Business

Running a business means being exposed to certain risks, more so if you don’t know exactly how to manage it. Of course prior to even starting up a business, one has to have a plan outlined, but that’s not all there is to it. When you’re in the motor trading business, you have to take […]

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The Unique Rules Governing SMSF Set Up

The future is unpredictable. It would have been great if we had a crystal ball that could allow us to predict the necessary steps to ensure a prosperous course of life, but we don’t. And while planning our future, one of the things we can rest assured that we will have, is a good pension […]

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The Uniqueness Of The Medical Liability Insurance

Medical Liability Insurance

The most common manifestations of medical malpractice involve patient safety and legal processes. However, the affordability and availability of the liability insurance redefined the direction of the medical malpractice policy, so thankfully for doctors, they are now protected more than ever. Yet, we still need serious, comprehensive reforms that will take medical liability insurance as […]

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Product Liability Insurance: A Unique Business Solution

insurance broker

We’ve all heard the horror stories and seen a video or two about manufacturers of whatever products being sued due to the product being mistakenly used or malfunctioning for some reason. That’s called product liability, and if you’re a manufacturer and want to protect yourself from these false claims, you need to hire a product […]

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The Unique Rules of SMSFs

Self Managed Super Fund

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the SMSF and all the benefits it provides in the latter years in life. You’ve also probably heard about how versatile the fund is, and the concept which it works on. It’s the perfect way to save funds for your retirement days, plus, you can […]

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