Choosing Unique Perfume For You

perfume-choiceWhen choosing your signature perfume it is important to consider how it will interact with your chemistry. To be more specific, how will scent molecules react to your natural skin scent. This is very important and should be your guide when buying a perfume. It really does not matter how nice perfume smells in the bottle when you’re nose hunting for your new fragrance. What matters is how well it will go along with your body scent. So, it is good to test it more than once as perfume plays huge role in our appearance and complements our personality. That’s why you should carefully choose and always purchase your fragrances from a reputable seller that guarantees product quality.

Aside from choosing right fragrance, the way you apply it is also important. If you have a habit of putting too much perfume on your clothes, do NOT do it anymore! The effect of this is more negative than positive. The scent molecules of a perfume mix with the aroma of your fabric softener and thousands of other chemicals and as a result your perfume does not smell the same. You must always apply the perfume to your skin and to the pulsating areas. Also, dry skin usually does not allow essential oils to attach to it, so the best way to enhance the smell of your fragrance is to apply moisturizing lotion before applying the perfume.

Another important thing to consider when choosing the right perfume is when and where you plan to wear it. That’s why your best option is to buy two perfumes, one for day and for night. The day perfume should be fresh and lighter while the one for night can be a bit more heavy. To highlight the scent of your perfume even more, try using shower gel and/or body lotion with same or similar scent. Also, when choosing the right perfume consider weather season. For example, in summers use fresh scents; in spring flowery and fruity fragrances; and during autumn and winter use heavier perfumes.


The last important thing you have to know when choosing the right perfume is who you buy your perfume for. Always buy from reputable retailers such as the online store, Feeling Sexy perfume shop. There you can find the most wanted, older and limited editions and new perfumes for men and women and all at very affordable prices. They offer a wide range of branded perfumes perfect perfect for any occasion and as a gift for your loved ones. Wast choices, great offers and promotions give you the opportunity to buy more than one perfume and you’ll surely be more than satisfied and will certainly come back for another great purchase. Therefore, if you decide to buy online, shop online from the great Feeling Sexy perfume store.

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