The Unique Type Of Stone Crusher

The rocks are used for a variety of reasons in the construction industry, so people involved in this sector are constantly looking for powerful and efficient machines which can crush rocks and reduce their size. One unique stone crusher that is commonly used is the cone crusher. The cone crusher has a unique structure and design, it is suitable for crushing various raw materials including medium-hard rocks and ores. This unique stone crusher is commonly compared with a vertical shaft impactor, which is another commonly used crushing tool. When compared with jaw crusher, the cone crusher provides less operating and owning costs.


The cone crusher uses a compressive force to crush the materials between two surfaces. The material enters the cone crusher through the top and as it goes downwards, it is crushed by the generated compressive force until its size is small enough to freely exit the cone crusher from the small hole at the bottom. Most commonly, the cone crusher is used as a secondary crusher, as it is not very efficient crusher for harder raw materials. The cone crusher is adjustable, allowing the operators to adjust the discharge opening and to crush the materials to the desired size.

The unique working principle of cone crusher is different from all other stone crushers, especially from the vertical shaft impactor. It is capable to transform the largest rocks into smaller pieces, even in dust if needed. This stone crusher breaks rocks with surface force, while the velocity of its high speed rotor helps in the crushing procedure. The rotor of the vertical shaft impactor, on the other hand, runs with high speed and throws the stones into the crushing chamber, where the stones are being crushed into small pieces.

When the final result of the cone crusher is compered with the result of the vertical shaft impactor, the quality level is quite different. That is because the rocks crushed with a cone crusher come with an even shape, while the vertical shaft impactor is capable to produce regularly shaped rocks. Despite the fact that the vertical shaft impactor is designed with incredible versatility, the cone crusher has many unique advantages which makes it very efficient machine for crushing stones and rocks. As a secondary crusher, the cone crusher is most commonly used for crushing medium-hard materials.

Today, the cone crusher is changed significantly when compared with the previous models. It comes with unique features for producing final products with even size and shape. With higher production capacity, the latest cone crusher models are the most efficient tools for crushing stones, as they can satisfy all requirements of the contractors by completing any given task in a quick and efficient manner.

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