What Do You Need To Know About Reduction Gearbox

Most of you who do not already work with reduction gear are probably wondering what it is and why industries use it. You are probably also wondering what applications a reduction gearbox applies to. Below we will go over everything you need to know about the reduction gearbox and the reduction gearbox suppliers. If you are someone who is looking to find out more about this kind of technology, continue reading.

Reduction Gearbox

There is no denying that the use of this technology has become more and more popular over the past couple years. It has been a groundbreaking piece of technology and it allows us to do things that we could not earlier. If you work in an industry or are the owner of an industry that has the need for machinery that needs to be converted, then you should seriously consider looking into reduction gearboxes. There are many reduction gearbox suppliers online that deliver across Australia, this way you can easily compare prices, models and find the right one for you.

The first thing we will go over is a how a reduction gearbox works. This technology basically takes an input speed and lowers it to a slower output speed with either the same amount or more torque. A reduction gearbox is made of a series of rotating gears which are all connected. The incoming speed which is fed through a wheel work, is then fed through this set of gears that rotate which is where the torque is changed. Now depending on what kind of output speed you will need for your required application, the amount of gears used changed to match your needs.

So what are reduction gearboxes actually used for? One of the best examples of this is a ship that uses high speed turbines. Most of us that know something about ships know that if a ship needs to have high efficiency, then the steam turbines need to operate at a high range of rpm. This does not necessarily match the needs of the propellers which only require a low rpm. This is why a reduction gearbox is used as it can easily reduce the high range of rpm from the turbines to a low rpm to feed into the propellers.

There are two main types of reduction gears that you should know about and that includes the first which is known as a single reduction gear and the second is known as a double reduction gear. A single reduction gear is only made up with one pair of gears, they are designed for more simple uses. The double reduction gear, however, is made for applications that use very high speeds. These are used in more complex applications and a built specifically for that. You should research which one would be best for your applications so you know what your best option is.

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