Unique Ways You Can Use a Leaf Blower Besides Leaf Cleanup

The leaf blower – our most precious ally when autumn arrives. Even if you do not have tall trees that shed, piles of leaves will somehow make their way to your beautiful yard. But before they start to rot and destroy the impeccable look of your garden, the leaf blower can make short work of every last leaf. But the job of this indispensable tool doesn’t have to end together with autumn. Believe it or not, there are plenty of alternative ways you can use a leaf blower that have probably never crossed your mind.

Leaf Blower

Snow Blowing

These essential autumn tools can be a literal life-saver in winter. Walkways covered with a thin but slippery and dangerous layer of snow can be swiped clean in a minute with a leaf blower. Instead of having to drag out the heavy snow blower every time there’s a light snowfall, you can put this handy tool to good use. Perhaps, this is the reason why online and brick-and-mortar stores drop the prices on their leaf blowers for sale every winter.

Gutter Cleaning

Tired of having to climb up a ladder and clean the disgusting clogged gutters with your own bare hands? Here’s some good news – with a leaf blower you will no longer have to. Just angle the blower into the gutter, turn it on and see how the debris that’s been clogging it gets blasted onto the ground. This is an efficient way to completely clean up a clogged gutter and allow the water to flow off your roof and far from the foundations of the house.

Clean the Inside and Outside of Your Car

If you ever paid attention to how car washes work, you would have noticed that many of them, when it comes to drying, use some sort of massive machine resembling a leaf blower. Well, you can try with the leaf blower you have lying at home and still get similar if not the same results. When your car has accumulated a small layer of dust, simply wash it off with a hose and then blow dry it with the leaf blower.

Besides the exterior, you can also put the blower to use on the interior. Open the doors and blow most of the dust out with a good blast. If you’re lucky and your blower has a vacuum function, instead of blowing out the dust you can vacuum it. This way you can even clean the dust out from some tricky spots where a regular vacuum can’t get in. Besides the vacuum function, many leaf blowers for sale include a mulcher as well.

A Little Family Fun

I bet you never thought of this one. How about turning your blower into a toilet paper gun? Don’t worry, there’s no way you will damage it. All you need to do is tape the rod of a small paint roller to the nozzle of the blower, so that the roller is just in the way of the airflow. Then, put a roll of toilet paper on the rod and watch how streams of paper start flying. This will make you instantly cool in your children’s eyes. Just don’t forget to clean up afterwards.

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