Unique Use of a Mobile Crushing Plant

The mobile crushing plant is one huge machine, composed by few screening and crushing elements that perform the crushing procedure in several stages. Generally, the mobile crushing plant is composed of a pre-screening machine, a loading conveyor, a separator and a crushing unit (jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher). The mobile crushing plant is used in many industries, including the construction and the mining industry. One unique use of the mobile crushing plant is for clearing rocks, concrete or asphalt debris when clearing or repairing a paved area. There is an increasing demand for a mobile crushing plant, and this machine is becoming a common feature on many paving and clearing job sites.

The mobile crushing plant has been introduced on the market in Europe 20 years ago. It has been developed as a solution to the high traffic congestion when transporting debris from one location to another. The mobile crushing plant has been rewarded with the Red Dot award for its engineering design. It was the first time ever a crushing machine to win some kind of award. It started as a trend in Europe, and quickly all other continents started to import and to produce mobile crushing plants.

Unique Use of a Mobile Crushing Plant

With the technological advancements, a remote-controlled mobile crushing plant has been developed, powered by a Caterpillar diesel engine with 395 horsepower. This mobile crushing plant do not need highway permits despite its tremendously big structure and size. In addition to its ability to crush rocks and concrete with ease, this mobile crushing plant is also capable to crush recycled concrete with lime in its structure.

This 36,000-kg machine comes in two different configurations:

With Impact Crusher: The impact crusher is specifically designed for the pre-crushing stage in on-site recycling processes when crushing medium-to-hard materials. With a spinning rotor and an impactor, it crushes the rocks to the desired size, eliminating several crushing stages.

With Jaw Crusher: The jaw crusher is designed for crushing very hard materials, such as granite. It consists an overhead eccentric, which produces more powerful action than the impact crusher. The jaw crusher creates a pre-crushing effect for the materials that enter the crusher and a secondary crushing effect for the materials that leave the crushing area.


These two crushers which are used by the mobile crushing plant are very efficient for on-site recycling processes or for cleaning rocks, asphalt or concrete debris directly on the job site. Every mobile crushing plant is capable to produce around 300 tons of crushed materials per hour.

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