Unique characteristics of the Centrifugal Pump


The centrifugal pump has for long been the most commonly used pump in treating waste-water. What makes this pump so popular is the ability, power and capacity to transfer large quantities of liquids in a very simple way and short time. Also this pump is very stable, does not require costly maintenance, it is easy to use and can be created from different kinds of materials. The main part of the centrifugal pump is the fixed impeller which is put on a rotating shaft and is can either be open or close. Some pumps use a semi closed impeller. As the impeller rotates, it creates enough pressure to move the fluid. Such characteristic makes the centrifugal pump widely used and unique.

The large-scale application of this pump can be seen in different industries. For example, the cryogenic laboratories use such kind of pump to achieve extremely low temperatures. Farmers also use centrifugal pumps to maintain their products at most optimal temperature, either hot or cold. The electric companies use the same pumps, here known as turbines, to produce electric power. These are just few industries in which the centrifugal pump finds its usage.

The centrifugal pumps are designed to use various sources as a power supply, such as AC or DC power, natural gas, gasoline, steam, water, or even the power which is provided by the sun. Some centrifugal pumps come without power source, only the pump mechanism is included. The centrifugal pumps are primarily designed to be used as a portable pumps, or also known as a trash pumps. This name is also used because the liquid, usually water, which is being pumped is not clean.

The centrifugal pump has many advantages which is why it is widely used in many areas and industries. The construction of this pump involves two single elements, a rotating part and a simple casing. The advantage here is that this pump can be constructed by using different kinds of materials, depending on the type of the liquid that is being pumped out. If the pump is planned to pump out liquid which is corrosive, stronger and more resistant materials are used in manufacturing process. Another unique characteristic is simple maintenance and portability – these pumps also do not require lots of space and can be easily transferred. The operation process is very simple and almost no sound can be heard when using the pump. No special training is required and almost anyone can operate this machine with ease.

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