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What to Consider When Deciding Between a Bolt-On and a Custom Exhaust

Nissan Navara D22 exhaust system

If you’re looking for a brand new Nissan Navara D22 exhaust system, you’ll be faced with a ton of options simply because there are too many different types and models of aftermarket exhaust systems available on the market nowadays. For those who are unaware, aftermarket exhaust systems are the most simple, affordable and effective way […]

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The Benefits of Oil Temperature Gauges

car gauges

Paying attention to your car’s gauges can help you prevent costly damages. There are different car gauges that are specially made to monitor specific activities of your car, such as oil pressure, oil temperature, RPM and the distance traveled. Although having all types of gauges can be beneficial, in reality, you don’t need all of […]

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What to Expect From an Aftermarket Exhaust System Upgrade?

Ford exhausts

Right now, the top 2 spots of highest-selling cars in Australia are both UTEs. You’d think that the main reason for this are tradies, and while they partially are, off-roaders and everyday commuters seem to prefer them over cars as well. The Ford Ranger and the HiLux are both extremely reliable and capable vehicles, and […]

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The Benefits of a HiLux Body Lift

You’ve probably seen a few commercials of heavy-duty 4x4s and heavy-duty trucks just cruising through rough mountain roads or conquering muddy creeks easily, and wonder whether your HiLux can do the same thing. It probably can, however, not if it is in its factory state. While the HiLux is capable and tough in moderate off-road […]

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Unique Open Kitchen Concept: The Benefits of Multi-Purpose Breakfast Bar

We have to admit plenty has changed in this modern world of ours, and while it means there have been changes for the better along the way, this can’t be said for all of them. One of the not so good changes is in the way having our meals has shifted, from something enjoyable to […]

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