The Uniqueness of the Leatherman Multi Tool Surge

multi tool surge

If you don’t know what Leatherman muti tools are, well, I was going to say you have been living in a cave, but you probably wouldn’t survive in a cave without a Leatherman multi tool. Letherman is basically the pinnacle of multi-functional tools and an absolute must-have for every construction worker, warehouse worker, hunter, camper, law enforcement officer, first responder, fisherman, mechanic, DIY person, and especially dooms day preppers. I personally never go out without my multi tool and in this article I am going to talk about the latest addition to my collection – the Leatherman multi tool Surge.

The Surge is basically anything you would expect from a standard Leatherman pocket multi tool, except that it is bigger, stronger, and more awesome than anything you have ever used. It is actually one of the two larges multi tools designed by Leatherman. As soon as you hold one in your hands, you will immediately notice that it is much larger than your average multi tool which is why it comes with its own pouch or sheath. It is also constructed to with more toughness and can withstand all kinds of abuse.

The Leatherman multi tool Surge includes regular and needle nose pliers, scissors, wire cutters, file blade, serrated and clip point knives, a bottle opener, a can opener, ruler, screwdriver, an awl, a saw, blade exchanger, electrical crimper, stranded wire cutters, a wire stripper and a bit driver. And if you are still not impressed, the Surge allows you to use several different tools at the same time and also has some additional accessories.

What I love the most about the Surge is that despite all the different parts, it is surprisingly easy to handle. It has an ergonomic design and you can open one feature without having to close another and you have easy access to the features you use the most. The locks are also very easy to use. This multi tool is designed to be ready to perform tough jobs whenever you need it and it does that job very well.

As far as quality goes, the Leatherman multi tool Surge is made of one hundred percent stainless steel for maximum durability and toughness. It is widely known as the powerhouse of multi tools. In the rare case any part becomes defective, the friendly customer service at Leatherman will replace it as soon as possible.

Over all, the surge is anything you would want from a strong and dependable multi tool. It is constructed by a company with a long experience in the business and a wide range of intelligently crafted products and you will surely get the most value for your money.

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