The Unique World of Machinery and the Essence of Lubrication

As people, we tend to be rather social creatures who simply can’t do well isolated from the rest no matter how independent we try to be. It’s no surprise there is the saying “no man is an island”, and though there are our relationships with loved ones, there are also other kinds of relationships we nurture. Way back in the past our ancestors largely depended on animals for survival, and while we still do nowadays up to a point, there’s also another kind of relationship we’ve started to develop: the one with machinery. We have machinery all around us, from the home appliances such as air-conditioners and refrigerators, to all sorts of vehicles including marine ones, and industrial machines. Basically, the best way to describe a machine is anything that uses or transforms mechanical energy.


Since our lives are connected with machinery in many aspects, their optimal function is in our best interest. As such, a little maintenance and repairs go a long way, however it’s also important to provide the necessary lubricants to keep them going since lubricants are their nutrients. While we’re all familiar with the lubricant’s primary function, that is to reduce friction, it also helps protect components from rusting and wear. When there’s poor lubrication, no matter whether it’s grease or oil, you can be sure there are going to be bearing failures, which then leads to loss of productivity and energy efficiency, and in the case of industry loss of profits would be inevitable. This doesn’t just make the choice of lubricants essential, but the whole function of the lubricant system and the lubrication pump.

The lubrication pump is the main piece of the lubrication process as it gets to transfer the lubricant from the reservoir to the tubing system of the lubrication system. As there are different kinds of pumps available for sale, gear, piston, fluid extractor or dispenser and oil circulating pump units for instance, it’s good to learn a few things about every option so you know you get exactly what your machine requires. Let’s take cases where oil circulation is continuous, you can only rely on gear pumps to do the job as they are designed to pump the fluid in the direction of the rotation once it’s sucked into the spot where gears disengage from each other, and it’s the addition of a fan cooler to their design that makes for longer and safer operations.

When the lubrication system is in perfect order, you can expect to get up to 50% reduction on lubricant and repair costs, machine reliability as well as a result of lesser impact on the environment. When you get to know the unique world of machinery better and provide it with the right lubricant, you can be sure of a longer and better relationship.

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