The Unique Machines Manufactured By New Holland


Present on the market for more than 30 years, New Holland is one of the most successful manufacturers of heavy machinery. At the beginning, the company was a small shop for repairs, founded by one person who had huge beliefs that his small repair shop will become a world-leading brand on the market for construction and agricultural equipment. It turned out to be true. Today, New Holland is one of the top manufacturers for agricultural and construction machines. With constant innovations and improvement in all segments, the New Holland machines are used all around the world. The first New Holland backhoe was the first successful machine which was heavily used for tough construction tasks. Read on to learn more about the unique machines manufactured by New Holland.

New Holland Excavators – Most people involved in the construction industry recognize New Holland as a manufacturer of powerful excavators. These enormous machines are consisted of a bucket and a cabin mounted on a rotating platform. The platform is fitted on wheels or tracks. New Holland design its excavators with hydraulic motors, fluids and cylinders for proper operation. With such configuration, they are capable to carry out multiple tasks with or without special excavator attachments. Digging foundations, handling materials, mining tasks, heavy lifts, forestry works and grading are some applications where the New Holland excavators can be used.

New Holland Backhoe Loaders – The New Holland backhoe loaders are some of the finest backhoes that can be found on the market. Many people confuse the New Holland backhoe loaders with excavators, because they are very similar by appearance. However, they are very different in terms of operation, capabilities and applications. These heavy machines are consisted of a tractor, a bucket or other backhoe attachments depending on the application. Compact, efficient and versatile, the New Holland backhoe loaders can be used for a variety of projects.

New Holland Skid Steer Loaders – Although not so popular as the New Holland backhoe loaders, the skid steer loaders are a common choice for many operators who are looking for a small but powerful performers. The New Holland skid steer loaders are consisted of a pair of arms which are specifically designed to hold different materials and tools. Since they can make zero radius turning, the skid steer loaders by New Holland are ideal machines for tasks that require exceptional maneuverability.

New Holland Wheel Loaders – The wheel loaders from New Holland are the best loaders for construction applications. They are extremely versatile and efficient machines, capable to deal with all kinds of raw materials. Also, they are commonly used to load materials into other construction machines, like dumpers.

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