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Want a Unique Home Interior? Bring in the Beauty of Stone Wall Claddings

Isn’t it interesting how whenever we think of making some improvements with our abode, spicing up the interior décor, or going for a renovation, we first have furnishings in mind, then art, lighting fixtures, or textures (rugs, curtains, cushions), and then maybe walls. It’s in fact walls that can have a rather significant impact when […]

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Things to Consider when Creating the Unique Interior of Your Dreams

Though you may wonder about the hype of interior designing, and think your home could do well off without a certain makeover, deep inside you know your nest would do well with some thoughtfully arranged décor. Which leads us to a question: What’s in a unique interior décor? For one, it’s got to be letting […]

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The Unique Charm of a French Provincial Dining Room

French Provincial Dining Room

The French are people that have perfected the term “quality dining”. But the quality is not confined strictly to their mouth-watering dishes and sweet wine; it’s ingrained in the whole dining experience. From the furniture, to the surrounding spices and ornaments. The leisurely atmosphere is designed to make you want to savour delicious meals over […]

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