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Functionality Meets Aesthetics: Finding the Best Light Fittings for Your Home

When it comes to creating a cozy and inviting home, lighting is one of the most important aspects to get right. Light fittings range from dramatic and statement-making to simple and easy-to-blend models. But besides acting as a design feature, the light fittings you choose should also provide your space with the right level of […]

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Want a Unique Home Makeover? Do the Shopping for Furniture Online

Can you really blame yourself for being a style-seeker, wanting a home makeover more often than not, when having so many sources of inspiration around, in the form of TV shows, programmes, magazines, and blogs? Pulling together designer ideas and bringing a fresh vibe in your home has never been easier, even for the inexperienced, […]

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Unique Alarm Clocks – Wake Up Without Getting Caught Up (in Social Media)

Let’s talk alarm clocks, and no I don’t mean the apps on your phone, but rather the actual physical object. Call me a traditionalist, but soon you too will see my perspective and point on the subject. Alarms clocks have two purposes, telling the time and waking you up so that you can avoid being […]

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The Unique Charm of a French Provincial Dining Room

French Provincial Dining Room

The French are people that have perfected the term “quality dining”. But the quality is not confined strictly to their mouth-watering dishes and sweet wine; it’s ingrained in the whole dining experience. From the furniture, to the surrounding spices and ornaments. The leisurely atmosphere is designed to make you want to savour delicious meals over […]

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What to Know Before You Buy Timber Modern Outdoor Furniture

modern outdoor furniture

Do you too have a dream to wine and dine in grace? – Timber modern outdoor furniture is what it takes to transform your patio into the perfect outdoor living space! When it comes to investing in modern outdoor furniture, timber is the number one choice for many. Whether due to its golden colour or […]

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