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With modern technology making new and better developments every day, you have to look at an industry from two different aspects, retail sales and online sales, so you can get a better picture of the industry as a whole.

The first factor we should look at is the annual growth for both sides. The retail sales have grown an astounding 8.8% and the online sales of athletic apparel have grown 22.6% in 2015. Revenue has been strong on both sides with retail bringing in 2 billion dollars and the online front bringing in a hefty 71 million dollars. These numbers are only expected to rise with people becoming more and more technologically savvy and athletic apparel trending widely in Australia.

Retail is set to rise at a steady 5.0% a year and the online department is set to rise another 14.6%. The convenience of online shopping has clearly started to show as more people turn to online shopping. This has produced more jobs. Namely, the online athletic apparel industry alone has provided up to 6,792 jobs so far and with the rapid rate that this industry is growing these numbers are only expected to rise with the most popular cities for sports equipment Melbourne and Sydney and other cities catching up slowly.

Essential Snow Gear Needed to Enjoy the Unique Experience of Snowboarding


If you’re a long time skateboarder or surfer, it might not feel as intimidating to switch onto a new surface. After all, if you can handle the rough pavement and the unpredictable waves, why should a little snow feel any different, right? Well, like skateboarding and surfing, snowboarding also has some unique obstacles you need […]

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Discover All the Different Types of BMX Bikes

Bmx Cruiser Bikes

There has never been a better time to get into riding a BMX. The BMX community has never been as big as it is today and never have there been so many models to chose from. Manufacturers have continued to improve their designs over the years and as a result they have brought us components […]

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What to Look for When Buying a BMX Seat

seat bmx

Unlike mountain and road bikers, who spend most of their time riding seated (and thus require their seat to be lightweight and comfortable), BMX riders requite very little in that aspect. In fact, all they want from the seat is for it to not get in the way. This is mainly because most BMX riders […]

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How a Strap can Provide You With a Unique Yoga Workout

Yoga is the preferred method of exercise for many people all around the world. The most obvious results that come from practising it on a daily basis are the greatly improved flexibility and an increase in muscle strength and tone, but if you aren’t interested in either of those, then there are also a few […]

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Turbo Training – A Unique Indoor Way of Exercising

If you are an avid cyclist and can’t go a day without spinning those wheels and getting that adrenalin rush, then you know very well how annoying bad weather can be. When I do my sessions, I like to keep a consistent workout regime throughout my week. Breaking my cycling routine always puts me in […]

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