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With modern technology making new and better developments every day, you have to look at an industry from two different aspects, retail sales and online sales, so you can get a better picture of the industry as a whole.

The first factor we should look at is the annual growth for both sides. The retail sales have grown an astounding 8.8% and the online sales of athletic apparel have grown 22.6% in 2015. Revenue has been strong on both sides with retail bringing in 2 billion dollars and the online front bringing in a hefty 71 million dollars. These numbers are only expected to rise with people becoming more and more technologically savvy and athletic apparel trending widely in Australia.

Retail is set to rise at a steady 5.0% a year and the online department is set to rise another 14.6%. The convenience of online shopping has clearly started to show as more people turn to online shopping. This has produced more jobs. Namely, the online athletic apparel industry alone has provided up to 6,792 jobs so far and with the rapid rate that this industry is growing these numbers are only expected to rise with the most popular cities for sports equipment Melbourne and Sydney and other cities catching up slowly.

The Importance of a Snorkeling Mask for Unique & Care-Free Experience


Living by the beach doesn’t mean you know a thing about the waters that surround you, at least not until you immerse yourself in the deep greenish blue and befriend all its hues. This of course, cannot be done without proper equipment – a snorkeling mask, to be more precise.

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The Pursuit of the Unique Skateboard Wheels

Skate Wheels Online

Lance Mountain once said: “Riding a skateboard doesn’t make you a skateboarder. Being unable to stop riding a skateboard is what makes you a skateboarder.” It’s a simple sentence that explains this unique urban philosophy that has managed to seduce so many around the world. Ask any skater what skateboarding is and they will tell […]

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Embark on a Unique Underwater Adventure: Items of Scuba Gear That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

diving boots

Summer has ended, but that doesn’t mean fun should too. Passionate scuba divers know that they can feast their eyes on the mesmerizing beauty of the underwater worlds even during the chilly autumn and winter months.

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Scooters for Unique Family Bonding Time with Your Kids


As modern people, we often feel pressed for time due to the days full of things to do, errands and work-related tasks that simply can’t wait to be handled. While it’s interesting to see productivity rising up year after year thanks to the help and simplification we get through technology and the dependency on electronics, […]

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Traits That Make Wakeboarding Unique

Being pulled over the water by a speedboat doesn’t sound much appealing to everyone, but for wakeboarders and adrenaline freaks, there’s nothing else quite like flying across the water at 50 km/h. It’s a sport that originated from surfing and skiing, while also taking some of the aspects of skateboarding and snowboarding. In this kind […]

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