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With modern technology making new and better developments every day, you have to look at an industry from two different aspects, retail sales and online sales, so you can get a better picture of the industry as a whole.

The first factor we should look at is the annual growth for both sides. The retail sales have grown an astounding 8.8% and the online sales of athletic apparel have grown 22.6% in 2015. Revenue has been strong on both sides with retail bringing in 2 billion dollars and the online front bringing in a hefty 71 million dollars. These numbers are only expected to rise with people becoming more and more technologically savvy and athletic apparel trending widely in Australia.

Retail is set to rise at a steady 5.0% a year and the online department is set to rise another 14.6%. The convenience of online shopping has clearly started to show as more people turn to online shopping. This has produced more jobs. Namely, the online athletic apparel industry alone has provided up to 6,792 jobs so far and with the rapid rate that this industry is growing these numbers are only expected to rise with the most popular cities for sports equipment Melbourne and Sydney and other cities catching up slowly.

The Right Gear for the Ideal Ride – Freeride Vs Freestyle Snowboards

Although their names sound similar, freeride and freestyle snowboards are quite different. It is not a matter of which board is better, but rather which style suits you better. If we were to oversimplify their styles of riding, we can say that freeride boards are used to ride natural and unexplored terrains, whereas freestyle snowboards […]

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The Essential Splitboarding Gear – Stay Safe on the Slopes

There’s nothing better than cruising down a mountain and admiring the scenery in front of you, but that is not easily done the first time around when split boarding. Carelessly sliding down a slope and admiring the view should only be done with the proper training, when having the right gear and knowing what you’re […]

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Feel the Unique Adrenaline Rush of Skiing: Ski Gloves or Mittens Can Make of Break Your Experience


What could compare to having fun in the snow in winter? You might not exactly be a fan of the cold, and the thought of spending time in snow sends shivers down your spine immediately, but you still can’t deny having the chance to ski from time to time is ideal to give you a […]

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What You Need to Look for in Your New Road Bike Wheels Set

The wheel is considered one of the greatest inventions of the human kind and the complexity of today’s modern-day wheels prove that furthermore. Sure, we’ve come a long way since and a lot has changed, but one thing has stayed the same and that is obviously the shape. The use of the wheel, especially in […]

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Listing the Essential Pieces of Hunting Outdoor Gear for Your Next Adventure

When going on a hunting trip, what you pack will be pretty much the only things you will have to rely on. For this reason, it is important to bring only the most essential pieces of outdoor equipment that you’ll need as too much stuff in your backpack can only weigh you down. And although […]

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