Server Flight Case: The Extra Investment Is Worth the Protection

When it comes to recording, processing, and producing music you definitely need the right audio equipment. Anyone who works with audio equipment knows just how expensive all of these things can be, especially when you are making a collection, it can take a lot of time and a lot of money. So protecting the equipment you have when travelling or whilst on the road should be your number one priority. Below we will go over some audio equipment that you might need to protect as well as the proper cases you might need to protect which may include a server flight case, rack mounts, and so on. If you want to know how to protect your audio equipment, read on.

Server Flight Case

There are so many different types of audio equipment so it’s good to know what they are so you can protect them and transport them properly. Amplifiers are to increase the sound of a signal, CD’s, computers, disc players for people who still like to use CD’s, headphones to be able to hear what you are playing, any kind of instrument, microphones for vocals, mixers which combine music seamlessly, PA systems that are designed to be portable, records for music, speakers to play music on, and lastly – turntables that read music off records. Each of these pieces of audio equipment will need to be protected in any kind of transport. Replacing any of these items can be pricey so it would be best to prevent accidents with a good case before they happen. When it comes to protecting your equipment, putting an investment in will really go a long way. Let’s go over some of the types of cases.

  • A rack mount is a fully enclosed shelf that is designed to hold items separately. These come in a few different forms and shapes but the design stays basically the same. Some have wheels which is something you’d want as it makes moving them around a lot easier. They also come in different measurements so you can be sure to fit things you need inside. It is also important that you know that each case has been designed for the type of transportation you will be doing. Some come made for moving in vans, and then there are also speciality cases like a mount server flight case which has been designed to handle the turbulence of aeroplanes.
  • Undoubtedly, this is one of the most priciest cases. This is mainly because so many cases double as a platform for the mixer when it needs to be set up and used.

  • The third type of case you should carry with you is, of course, a computer case, never use a case that is not made for your computer. Depending on where you plan on carrying your computer is how you should base whether a soft or hard case would be best.

Last but not least, you should always carry your instruments around in a case that is made for that instrument. Never use a case that does not protect your instrument snugly. You can easily find a great range of cases online for all your audio equipment needs.

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