Pop Up Shower Tent: Stay Clean & Refreshed While Camping

pop up camping

Meeting the basic hygiene requirements is an important consideration when you spend time outdoors. Whether you’re planning a simple afternoon picnic or a couple of weeks of camping vacation, you’ll need to be properly prepared. Just because you’re outdoors and away from society, doesn’t mean you should adopt the look of a wild beast and forego all personal hygiene. If you fail to do so, the general lack of hygiene can increase the risk of getting a stomach bug or skin infection which can cut your camping trip short.

For those short single-day trips, bringing some biodegradable soap and hand sanitizer gel with you can prove to be enough. But when you’re staying outdoors for more than a few days, you’ll find yourself yearning for a refreshing shower. After a long, hot day spent hiking or fishing, washing your body clean can actually give you quite a good morale boost and make you feel comfortable on your stay.

While you can’t exactly bring your shower with you, there are alternative ways to achieve the same thing. Like for instance, with a special pop up shower for camping. With a pop up shower you will always have a private spot reserved for your hygiene needs wherever you go. No longer will you need to go deep into the forest to splash bottles of water on yourself while looking every couple of seconds whether there are people around you. This can come especially handy for camp sites which have no built-in shower cabins.

And besides functioning as a shower cabin, the pop up shower tent can also be used as a portable changing room. Of course, you wouldn’t want to change in front of everyone, especially when you’re camping with children and family. Having noticed this, manufacturers of pop up showers sometimes include a second room for changing clothes or other tasks which would require privacy. Pop up showers are made of 100% waterproof material so you don’t have to worry that you’ll splash the person using the changing room.

You might be wondering how convenient it is to use a pop up shower tent without an actual shower? Don’t worry, you don’t have to drag buckets of water when there are far more convenient solutions. Like for instance, a solar shower with a bladder that you can fill with up to 20L of water and leave it to warm up under the sun. The only downside is that you won’t be able to use it unless the weather is sunny. On the other hand, there are battery powered camping shower which can be recharged from an RV outlet or your car’s USB charger. Consider your options and choose what you think works best for you.

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