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The Unique Structure And Working Principle Of Vibrating Screen

The vibrating screen is a common part of every screening equipment, and it is used for reducing the size of different raw materials. The vibrating screen consists a rigid frame, a motor, an eccentric bock and one or several screen surfaces. It is well known that the vibrating screen is the most stable piece of […]

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The Unique Mine Pits

Open pit mine is a specific mining technique that involves extracting minerals and rock from the earth by removing them from an open pit. This technique requires specific mining machines and is different from the extraction methods that involve digging tunnels into the earth. Open pit mines are most commonly used in coal mining and […]

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Unique Crane Uses

All around the world, the cranes of all sizes and types have been extensively used for a wide range of industrial and construction works, from manufacturing and construction sites, to mining and material handing applications. Today, there are many crane manufacturers in the world and their machines are used for simple routine tasks that involve […]

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K-Tec’s Unique Largest Scraper

The largest scraper for moving dirt in the world is the K-Tec’s 1254 ADT. K-Tec is a Canadian manufacturer of earth-moving machinery, well-known for its durable, productive and high quality earth-moving machines. The huge 1254 ADT scraper is specifically designed for push-loading tasks, as it has a heaped capacity of 41 cubic meters (according to […]

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Unique Jobs That Can Be Done With An Excavator

An excavator is a powerful piece of machinery, capable to perform difficult construction tasks. It comes with a boom, a cabin, a stick and a bucket. The excavators can be on wheels or on tracks, and they are excellent performers. It is known that the excavators are ideal machines for digging applications, but their usage […]

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