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Where Uniqueness Knows No Bounds: How to Mix Contemporary and Minimalist

contemporary furniture

Ah, decorating – isn’t it an activity that we both love and hate at the same time? I believe it is. Sure, dressing our nest can be really exciting and fun, but only if we have already chosen the interior design style for our home. For those of us who can’t make up their mind […]

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Designing Your Living Room for Conversation

Furniture coffee table

Every good conversation starts with a well prepared cup of coffee served in a proper way on the coffee table where you and your friend would sit comfortably and just consume the positive energy this otherwise amazing ritual emits. While here, think about this: what is it about your favourite cafe that makes you want […]

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Create a Unique & Motivational Atmosphere with the Perfect Office Furniture

Office furniture

Can you imagine yourself working in an office where everything is so boring – the colours, the furniture, the walls, without anything interesting to catch your attention and boost your mood? How productive can you be while working in a such environment? Being productive is all that matters when you are at work and the […]

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Unique Is Beautiful: Bathroom Products That Will Give Your Space a Dose of Glamour

Probably the one room in the entire home that can really show just how much its owner pays attention to the condition of its comprising parts, is the bathroom. Not to be judgemental, but there are people who neglect the bathroom in their blind attempt to make the living room sparkly for their respective guests. […]

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Unique Outdoor Solutions for Sophisticated Practicality

Outdoor storage

As a gardener who loves his garden beyond measure, I own a lot of tools: shovels, forks, scissors and a number of small hand tools that help me maintain my garden spotless. There are also necessities like buckets, watering hoes and cans and some decorative pieces which I install on special occasions and seasons. Yup, […]

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