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Unique Hat & Sunglasses Combinations


Some days, all the concealer and dry shampoo in the world simply aren’t enough to cover up a bad night’s sleep. Bad hair sleep, that is. These are the days when a great pair of sunglasses complemented with an astonishing hat calls to action. Here’s how to match the right sunglasses with the right hat, […]

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Scalp Micropigmentation: The Unique Hair Loss Treatment


To be experiencing hair loss, is a rather disturbing thing. For both men and women, regardless of the age. Whether alopecia areata (medical term for hair loss) is a result of too much stress, eating disorder, nutrient deficiency or a disease, it hurts to see hair thinning and falling out. Although majority of men claim […]

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Unique Winter Fashion Accessories


Fashion accessories make the outfit complete. Simple as that. From stylish jewelry, hats, scarves, fancy shoes, bags and similar, each season fashion seems to be more and more focused on this category. And since each season there are new fashion trends in clothing, there are new trendy styles in accessories as well. Here’s which fashion […]

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8 Unique Hats To Wear This Winter

Be simple, but look stylish. Be tough, but look soft. Be tensed, but look cool. Simply put, BE FASHIONABLE. Misconceptions about fashion have been present since forever. The truth is, fashion is a statement and not a style. It is fit for all people of all sizes and all ages. It is an art of […]

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Permanent Makeup: Unique Cosmetic Procedure To Flawless Look


Good looks is one of the star ingredients of the ‘perfect woman’ formula. That is right, no modern woman settles for an ‘average’ look that won’t draw the eye of the opposite sex. Women are known as great seducers and attractive look has always been their biggest attribute to get whatever they want, whenever they […]

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