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Unique Sun-Protective Clothing: Not Just For Summer


What many women fail to understand is that beachwear is not meant for summer only. For example, when it comes to protective beach clothes women, many of you first think of hot summer beach days. Think outside the box. You do not necessarily have to be at the beach or by the pool to get […]

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The Unique Benefits Of Natural Bee Products

Beeswax, honey bee pollen and royal jelly are the first choice bee superfoods. Just for this fact alone, we should forgive bees for their unpleasant stings. Surveys state that if there are no bees on the planet, more than 80% of the crops will be unpollinated, what will decrease the availability of both fruits and […]

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What Makes Cosmetic Tattoo Unique?


The art of permanent makeup (hassle-free makeup solution) has been around for more than half a century. It simply means having your makeup in place at all times: after waking up, after a shower, after you’ve danced all night long and have sweated, etc. Having more time to sleep a bit longer in the morning, […]

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5 Unique DIY body scrubs that will do wonders for your skin


If there is one thing we should all do, is to love the skin we live in. It is no lie that a healthy skin is a reflection of the overal wellness. The best foundation you can wear is a glowing, healthy skin. And this refers to the whole body. Your body is your temple, […]

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The Unique Characteristics of Different Protein Powder Supplements

Many people who regularly work out use protein powder supplements to help themselves achieve their fitness goals easier and faster. But what do you really know about these supplements and their characteristics? There are many reasons why protein powders are becoming more and more popular nowadays. They are more convenient to take than high-protein foods such […]

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