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How to Create a Unique Look for Your Cafe Staff

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It was Mark Twain who wrote: “Clothes make the man” and nowhere is this more evident than in the context of a hospitality business, such as a cafe. Considering how there’s a large number of cafes in Australia, it’s important to make your business stand out and that’s where uniforms can prove to be a […]

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Effective Strategies to Help You Sail into Dreamland (No Unique Sleep Gadgets Involved)

Have you heard about the new great health trend – clean sleeping? It’s a Goop-approved trend that involves making sleep a priority above anything else. Without a doubt, this makes sense as getting enough sleep is the most important “tool” for being able to get through the day without feeling drowsy all the time. Poor […]

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What Makes Bamboo Such Unique Clothing Material Choice

There aren’t many things as annoying as sitting at home during an Australian summer soaked in sweat, especially if you have leather furniture. As comfortable as cotton clothing may be, it has poor moisture absorbent properties, and I go through underwear so fast, I can barely keep up with the laundry, and I oftentimes find […]

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Bamboo Baby Products: A Unique Way to Protect Your Sweetheart’s Skin

Every parent’s strongest desire is to make their sweet little one feel loved and protected. We all know that babies are extremely sensitive, so taking proper care of them can be a bit scary, especially for new, inexperienced parents. Since there are so many child-friendly materials on the market, choosing the right fabric for their […]

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Our Smiles are Our Unique Signatures: How to Repair Yours

It’s hard to go through a day without hearing or seeing something that brings a smile on your face. Whether that’s another person smiling, a kind word, a cute puppy or a joke, all these are reasons enough to curve your mouth up. However, for many people, smiling is not that much of a pleasant […]

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