Hammock Swing Seat: The Ultimate in Outdoor and Indoor Relaxation

Hammock swing seat

There are few things that are calming and satisfying and one is swaying in a hammock swing seat on a lazy day. This outdoor chair made out of rope and fabric offers a sanctuary where you can escape from everyday life and relax. Also called hanging chair, a hammock swing seat has become the ultimate outdoor seating over the last years.

Although there is no historical record on how and where hammock chair originated, it is believed that it is the invention of European immigrants who developed the design with the intention to relax sitting and lying. Some however believe that it was invented in Central and South America. Regardless, this at least a thousand years old seating is now a must-have of almost every porch or balcony.

Similar to a rocking chair, your feet mostly touch the ground and you can steer the swinging movement individually. Considered a space-saving alternative to many other outdoor chairs, all you need for setting up a hammock is a suspension point, which can be the ceiling or in a beam. Plus, it does not require more space than a conventional armchair, making it very easy to integrate it into the already existing ambiance. And when you don’t want it anymore, it can be taken down in a matter of seconds.

The key is to find the style and design that works best for you. But with the great variety of hammock swing seat options available, from free standing models with their own stands to fancy two-person canvas types, you are sure to find the model that will suit your space.

The rope style hammocks feature either wood or metal bars (st the head) and netting. The open-style makes it easy to jump in, however comfort wise, it is not as cozy as other styles. Brazilian, Nicaraguan and Mayan style hammocks are pretty much the same in form but differ in terms of construction and material used. Mayan hammock swings are hand woven in light-weight material (usually nylon or cotton) and since they can contour to user’s body, the level of comfort is high.

Brazilian style is known for its durability, mainly because the wave is thicker (usually 100% natural cotton). However, these models require proper cleaning routine since cotton is prone to mildew and mold. Nicaraguan hanging swings are by many considered the best. Thick woven cotton ensures durability and superior comfort. Whichever style you choose, make sure it comes with a sturdy structure so you can hang it anywhere, be it a patio, porch or balcony. Also, swings that feature a mix of fabrics, deliver the ultimate in comfort and are more durable.

In addition to being a great way to relax and even spend some quality time with friends and family, recent studies have shown that a hammock swing seat may be just what you need to relieve neck and back pain, which are often the result of physical stress. But that is not all, lately therapists and patients are using hammock swing seats as a way to stimulates the cerebral cortex, increasing individual’s ability to concentrate. This can be highly beneficial for studying, reading, working and even for meditation.

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