Electric Generators: a Unique Source of Back-up Power

Global warming is happening and this something that cannot be disregarded anymore. People around the world have felt its disastrous effects in the from of floods, tsunamis and earthquakes. And unfortunately, it’s not skipping Australia The incredibly high temperatures and severe storms are already starting to wreak havoc on our power grid.

This makes power outages a routine problem for households and businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. A recent report has shown that there were more than 240 power outages that affected 3 million people in 2016 alone. And the trend is thought to increase. This, plus the ever-growing electricity price has made the electric generator a unique source of affordable and instant back-up power for many Australians.


To get the best option available, when searching for an electric generator buy one that’s powered by petrol. Sure, there are diesel generators and even some powered by natural gas, but the petrol generator beats them on so many levels. First of all, petrol generators have fewer running parts which makes them quieter than the other two options. Fewer running elements also means less defects and reduced maintenance and repair costs. Additionally, they are more affordable and come in many different models ranging from 2800 W to as much as 7500 W. This makes them suitable for both home and industrial needs.

As we’ve mentioned, global warming is the number one cause for drastic weather changes that damage our electricity supply. And pollution is the number one cause for global warming. By opting for a petrol generator you are choosing the best option for the environment. Burning 3 litres of diesel emits more greenhouse gasses than petrol – around 15% to be exact. And by saving the environment, you’ll be saving money as well. Currently, the average price of a litre of petrol in Australia is about 65 cents. Compared to the price of diesel, which is around $1.43, petrol powered generators are the more cost-effective choice.

Many homeowners in need of an electric generator buy it in panic, right before or after a major storm hits. To not make a bad choice in the very last minute, think in advance about what you need from an electric generator. Here are some of the key features that a reliable and high quality generator should have.

  • A powerful engine – Any 18HP engine can power a whole household or business quarters without interruption as long as it is required.
  • 100% copper winding – A copper winding has the best conductivity which ensures that the alternators of the generator will work without a hitch.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator – An AVR regulates the voltage of the generator. When the load on the generator is over the limit, it will increase the excitation to the field of the equipment so that the terminal voltage does not drop.

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