Chain Saw: A Unique Tool with Multiple Purposes

Have you ever considered buying a chain saw? Powerful tool, isn’t it? Though its beginnings are somewhat uncertain, since some give the credits to the German orthopaedist Bernhard Heine for the creation of a chain saw-like tool, osteotome, he used for bone cutting, others say it was two the Scottish doctors, James Jeffray and John Aitken, who used the tool for symphisiothomy, we can’t deny its ingenuity and usefulness. Though today we connect it mostly with log cutting, we can see this tool far exceeds its utility.

Purchasing a chain saw isn’t an easy task, because there are many aspects you should have in mind as there are many chain saw deals you’re going to come across, with the options like heavy duty petrol chain saw and lightweight electric hand saws.

First of all, are you planning on using it for DIY projects? Do you know how to use a chain saw well? If so, how often do you intend to use it? Then again, what size would the trees be that you intend to use it for? As you’d come to see, this mighty tool isn’t only suitable for firewood seasoning, getting the perfect cut of logs, and pruning your garden trees, but also can be of help in getting all the garden branches in perfect order (brushing and slashing).

Other wood-related tasks it’s ideal for are cross-cutting felled logs (also known as bucking), freeing up a fallen tree trapped in other trees, limbing or cutting branches off a log, and felling. This means not only can professionals like loggers and firefighters find its usefulness, but also gardeners, landscapers, every homeowner into DIY, including artists who know how to get their hands to a log and make art of it with the adequate manoeuvres of a chain saw.

Having in mind how multi-purpose it is, and how well you could use it for your home chores, be sure to look good into the chain saw deals. This tool can be of service to you for years to come if you invest in high quality, but this also implies you’d be required to do your share of maintenance as well to keep it in perfect shape.

Constant use can easily dull the blades, and when that happens you’d waste effort and time trying to get a hold of your tasks properly, eventually thinking it’s best to toss out the chain saw altogether. Why waste money on a new one when you can save the one you already have with the help of a chain saw sharpener? Pay attention to the warning signs (hot dust), and don’t forget to wear the protective equipment so as to avoid accidents.

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