A Simadozer Blade – The Unique Komatsu Bulldozer Attachment

Komatsu is known for its huge efforts to produce the most innovative machines and attachments on the world-wide market. Given the fact that Komatsu design and produces high quality bulldozers, there are no doubts about the quality of the blade design for its 449 horsepower bulldozer – the D275AX-5 “Sigmadozer”. This bulldozer blade significantly improves the productivity on the job site. With this revolutionary bulldozer and bulldozer attachment, the people at Komatsu expect to once again step out from all other competitors on the market.

The Komatsu “Sigmadozer” comes with a similar design like the previous model, but it is more efficient. When compared with a bulldozer that has a common semi-U blade, this bulldozer attachment allows the 449-horsepower bulldozer to push about 15 percent more dirt. So, for various tasks that involve moving dirt and debris, the “Signadozer” is the obvious choice. The new frontal design of the Komatsu D275AX-5 is specifically developed for digging and rolling up at the center of the bulldozer attachment (the blade), while increasing the soil-holding capacity and reducing the sideways spillage. This innovative design enable reduced digging resistance and smooth soil flow with less efforts.

A Simadozer Blade - The Unique Komatsu Bulldozer Attachment

The capacity of the Signadozer’s blade is large enough to allow the operators to move extensive amounts of material, while the fuel consumption remains the same. The D275AX-5 features a new and unique blade-linkage system that keeps the blade bulldozer attachment close to the unit for increased visibility, increased digging force and reduced swaying of the blade. Also, this bulldozer cuts the soil in a unique and efficient way. All these benefits are result of the innovative design of the Komatsu blade. As the blade goes through the soil, it creates less ground disturbance, allowing the bulldozer to push faster.

With all specifications and capabilities considered, it is safe to say that the Sigmadozer is incredibly versatile and productive machine. It is a low profile and well balanced machine with low center of gravity. Also, the Sigmadozer features an innovative Hydrostatic Steering System which provides a fast, powerful and smooth control of the bulldozer attachment on any surface. The remarkable K-Bogie undercarriage system improves the durability of the entire machine and it creates better traction. It is a machine that requires less maintenance, thanks to the new track-link design.

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